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TitleA novel and efficient approach to new N3-substituted-6,8-diaminopurines
Author(s)Senhorães, Nádia
Proença, M. Fernanda R. P.
Dias, Alice
KeywordsQuímica Orgânica
Issue date1-Dec-2015
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] Purine nucleobases are fundamental biochemicals in living organisms. They have been a valuable inspiration for drug design once they play several key roles in the cell.1 To the best of our knowledge, reported routes to 8-aminopurines are still scarce due to the difficulty in introducing amino groups in this position of the purine ring. Here we report a novel, inexpensive and facile synthetic method to generate N3,N6-disubstituted-6,8-diaminopurines. In our research group, a number of substituted purines have been obtained from a common imidazole precursor, the 5-amino-4-cyanoformimidoyl imidazole 1. Recently, a comprehensive study on the reactivity of imidazoles 1 with nucleophiles under acidic conditions led us to develop experimental methods to incorporate primary amines into the cyanoformimidoyl group.2 (...)
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