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TitleVision-based hand Wheel-chair control
Author(s)Trigueiros, Paulo
Ribeiro, António Fernando
KeywordsIndependent mobility
Machine vision
Wheel - chair control
Hand segmentation
Finger control
Issue dateMar-2015
JournalRevista 'robótica'
Abstract(s)Several studies have shown that people with disabilities benefit substantially from access to a means of independent mobility and assistive technology. Researchers are using technology originally developed for mobile robots to create easier to use wheelchairs. With this kind of technology people with disabilities can gain a degree of independence in performing daily life activities. In this work a computer vision system is presented, able to drive a wheelchair with a minimum number of finger commands. The user hand is detected and segmented with the use of a kinect camera, and fingertips are extracted from depth information, and used as wheelchair commands.
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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