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TitleSimulation of a rectifier malfunction on a offshore wind system with HVDC transmission
Author(s)Seixas, Mafalda
Melício, R.
Mendes, V. M. F.
Couto, Carlos
KeywordsOffshore Wind Energy System
Three-level converter
Rectifier malfunction
Offshore Wind System
Issue date19-Mar-2015
CitationSeixas, M., Melicio, R., Mendes, V. M. F., & Couto, C. (2015). Simulation of a rectifier malfunction on a offshore wind system with HVDC transmission. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology.
Abstract(s)A new integrated mathematical model for the simulation of an offshore wind system having a rectifier input voltage malfunction at one phase is presented in this paper. The mathematical model considers an offshore variable-speed wind turbine on a floating platform, equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous generator using full-power three-level converter to inject energy into the electric network, through a high voltage direct current transmission submarine cable. The model for the drive train is a discrete three mass, incorporating the dynamic of the moving surface. A case study is presented to access conclusion about the malfunction.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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