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TitleAn overview of the current three-dimensional body scanners for anthropometric data collection
Author(s)Bragança, S.
Arezes, P.
Carvalho, M.
Editor(s)Arezes, P.
Baptista, João Santos
Barroso, Mónica P.
Carneiro, Paula
Cordeiro, Patrício
Costa, Nélson
Melo, Rui B.
Miguel, A. Sérgio
Perestrelo, Gonçalo
Issue date2015
PublisherTaylor & Francis
Abstract(s)Three-dimensional body scanners have revolutionized the anthropometric data collection. These data can be used for numerous applications, in different fields of expertise. However, there are different types of technologies and products to be used, influencing the results obtained. This paper presents a non-exhaustive synopsis of the existing technologies and products available in the market.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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