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TitlePervasive business intelligence platform to improve the quality of decision process in primary and secondary education – A Portuguese case study
Author(s)Ferreira, Andreia
Portela, Filipe
Santos, Manuel Filipe
KeywordsBusiness Intelligence
Information System Architecture
Issue date2015
PublisherSpringer Verlag
JournalAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
CitationFerreira, A., Portela, F., & Santos, M. F. (2015) Pervasive business intelligence platform to improve the quality of decision process in primary and secondary education – a Portuguese case study. Vol. 354. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (pp. 167-176).
Abstract(s)Business Intelligence (BI) can be seen as a method that gathers information and data from information systems in order to help companies to be more accurate in their decision-making process. Traditionally BI systems were associated with the use of Data Warehouses (DW). The prime purpose of DW is to serve as a repository that stores all the relevant information required for making the correct decision. The necessity to integrate streaming data became crucial with the need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the decision process. In primary and secondary education, there is a lack of BI solutions. Due to the schools reality the main purpose of this study is to provide a Pervasive BI solution able to monitoring the schools and student data anywhere and anytime in real-time as well as disseminating the information through ubiquitous devices. The first task consisted in gathering data regarding the different choices made by the student since his enrolment in a certain school year until the end of it. Thereafter a dimensional model was developed in order to be possible building a BI platform. This paper presents the dimensional model, a set of pre-defined indicators, the Pervasive Business Intelligence characteristics and the prototype designed. The main contribution of this study was to offer to the schools a tool that could help them to make accurate decisions in real-time. Data dissemination was achieved through a localized application that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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