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TitleRecent advances in biosorption of heavy metals: support tools for biosorption equilibrium, kinetics and mechanism
Author(s)Hlihor, Raluca Maria
Bulgariu, Laura
Sobariu, Dana Luminita
Diaconu, Mariana
Tavares, T.
Gavrilescu, Maria
Modeling and simulation
Issue date2014
PublisherEditura Academiei Romane
JournalRevue roumaine de chimie
CitationHlihor, R.; Bulgariu, Laura; Sobariu, Dana Luminita; Diaconu, Mariana; Tavares, T.; Gavrilescu, Maria, Recent advances in biosorption of heavy metals: support tools for biosorption equilibrium, kinetics and mechanism. Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 59(6-7), 527-538, 2014
Abstract(s)Heavy metals are increasingly present in industrial wastes and effluents, which can generate serious concerns for environmental quality and human health. Consequently, there is a continuous expansion of researches for new approaches and developments to guarantee environmental cleaning-up. Although there are some physico-chemical established methods for the removal of heavy metals from various environmental compartments, biosorption gains further confidence as a reliable alternative compared to classical technologies, which are expensive and sometimes unreliable. This paper aims to analyze the biosorption as a biotechnological strategy for the decontamination of aqueous effluents containing heavy metal ions, in terms of its potential for metal immobilization and uptake. The paper also focuses on the most important parameters affecting the removal of heavy metals by various categories of biosorbents both living and non-living forms of biomass and provides new alternatives for modeling and optimization of process equilibrium and kinetics. A special attention was paid to biosorption mechanism, as a factual challenge for process optimization and scale-up. The potential benefits and problems associated to metal removal by biosorption are highlighted.
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