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TitleFeedback nightmare: Organisational communication reactions to digital critic exposure. A view on some Portuguese cases (2011-2012)
Author(s)Melo, Ana Duarte
Sousa, Helena
KeywordsStrategic communication
Social media
Comunicação estratégica
Redes sociais
Issue date2013
PublisherLivros Labcom
Abstract(s)The national and the European economic crisis has plunged Portugal in a difficult situation aggravated by consecutive down ratings of the country’s economy and IMF’s demanding objectives, resulting in more austerity measures, cost of living raise, salary cuts and a growing unemployment rate. Such conditions put an extra pressure to the everyday life that seems to have found in the digital world a platform for active criticism, a quick and right to the point response often based on what seems to be a patriotic sentiment against the intrusiveness of hard economic measures. Powerless to fight back in equal terms, consumercitizens are empowered by easy access technology and appear to be eager to express their discontent in the digital world. This paper will focus on three Portuguese organizations: President Cavaco Silva, after a comment on how his pension was hardly enough to pay his costs; FNAC, after airing an exchange books campaign that appealed to the abandon of allegedly boring Portuguese classic authors for more updated international literature; Pingo Doce, the main retail corporation in Portugal, after the announcement of the transfer abroad of the majority of its capital. We will analyse each case from the starting point that motivated reactions, the speed and type of reactions it caused and how organizations reacted to them. The choice of these cases intends to understand if there is a common trait in different profile institutions behaviour and to observe how are organizations dealing with unwanted, unforeseen and extremely exposed critic reactions to their communication in the digital platforms, namely in social media.
TypeBook part
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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