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Title2D elementary cellular automata with four neighbors
Author(s)Freitas, José António
Severino, Ricardo
KeywordsAutómatos celulares
Issue date2013
PublisherWorld Scientific Publishing
JournalInternational Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos
Abstract(s)This paper is concerned with the study of square boolean synchronous four-neighbor peripheral cellular automata. It is rst shown that, due to conjugation and plane re ection symmetry transformations, the number of dynamically nonequivalent such automata is equal to 4 856. The cellular automata for which the homogeneous nal states play a signi cant role are then identi ed. Finally, it is shown that, contrary to what happens in the case of one-dimensional boolean three-neighbor cellular automata, for some peripheral automata there is coexistence between a homogeneous nal state and other dynamics.
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