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TitlePhase change materials: contribute to sustainable construction
Author(s)Aguiar, J. L. Barroso de
Cunha, Sandra Raquel Leite
Kheradmand, Mohammad
Phase change materials (PCM)
Sustainable construction
Issue dateMar-2014
CitationAguiar J., Cunha S., Kheradmand M. Phase Change Materials: Contribute to Sustainable Construction , Congresso Luso-Brasileiro de Materiais de Construção Sustentáveis , 2014
Abstract(s)In a society with a high growth rate and increased standards of comfort arises the need to minimize the currently high energy consumption by taking advantage of renewable energy sources. The mortars with incorporation of phase change materials (PCM) have the ability to regulate the temperature inside buildings, contributing to the thermal comfort and reduction of the use of heating and cooling equipment, using only the energy supplied by the sun. This paper aims to contribute to the study of mortars incorporating PCM. The main characteristics of the material and the mortars doped with PCM, will be presented. It also aims to clarify the differences in the physical and mechanical characteristics of mortars doped with different types of PCM.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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