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TitleDengue in Madeira Island
Author(s)Rodrigues, Helena Sofia
Monteiro, M. Teresa T.
Torres, Delfim F. M.
Silva, Ana Clara
Sousa, Carla
Conceição, Cláudia
System of differential equations
Issue date2015
PublisherSpringer International Publishing
Abstract(s)Dengue is a vector-borne disease and 40% of world population is at risk. Dengue transcends international borders and can be found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, predominantly in urban and semi-urban areas. A model for dengue disease transmission, composed by mutually-exclusive compartments representing the human and vector dynamics, is presented in this study. The data is from Madeira, a Portuguese island, where an unprecedented outbreak was detected on October 2012. The aim of this work is to simulate the repercussions of the control measures in the fight of the disease.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionThis is a preprint of a paper whose final and definite form will be published in the volume Mathematics of Planet Earth that initiates the book series CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences (CIM-MS) published by Springer. Submitted Oct/2013; Revised 16/July/2014 and 20/Sept/2014; Accepted 28/Sept/2014.
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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