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TitleQuasi-static compressive properties of aluminium foams with functionally graded properties
Author(s)Peixinho, Nuno
Pinto, Paulo Filipe Salgado
Silva, Filipe Samuel
Soares, Delfim
KeywordsAluminum foam
Compressive properties
Energy absorption
Aluminium foam
Issue date2014
PublisherTrans Tech Publications
JournalAdvanced Materials Research
Abstract(s)This paper presents experimental results of compressive behavior of aluminium alloy metal foams with controlled pore morphology. Different types of metal foams were analyzed, having uniform cell structure with different pore size and gradient variation of cellular structure along length. The test samples were manufactured by lost-wax casting using 3D printed components for internal structure definition. Results for stiffness and energy absorption were obtained and compared on weight efficiency basis. The results are analyzed regarding the efficiency of the different cell structures and its suitability for energy absorbing application in components subjected to impact or compression loading.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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