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TitleO papel do tutor no desenvolvimento do pensamento crítico e resolução de problemas
Author(s)Vasconcelos, Rosa
Pinheiro, Magda Alexandra Oliveira
Amaral, Luís
pensamento crítico
resolução de problemas
Issue date16-Mar-2014
PublisherScience and Education Research Council (COPEC)
Abstract(s)The School of Engineering of the University of Minho adapted to the requirements of the Bologna Process through various measures. Among these, the adoption of the methodology of teaching and learning Project-LedEngineering Education is to be highlighted, where the active role of the learner and the tutor's role as "guide" throughout the project is promoted and appreciated. In order to understand whether the role of the tutor is being performed as expected, a series of questionnaire surveys were conducted. In this study instrument, issues within the perception of students on the role of the tutor in Project-Led Engineering Education, on the promotion of critical thinking and on the appreciation of problem solving were addressed.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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