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dc.contributor.authorAlmeida, José Joãopor
dc.contributor.authorBarbosa, L. S.por
dc.contributor.authorNeves, F. L.por
dc.contributor.authorOliveira, José Nuno Fonsecapor
dc.description.abstractThis paper describes two experiences in teaching a formal approach to software engineering at undergraduate level supported by Camila a functional programming based tool Carried on in diferent institutions each of them addresses a particular topic in the area requirement analysis and generic systems design in the first case specification and implementation development in the second Camila the common framework to both experiences animates a set based language extended with a mild use of category theory which can be reasoned upon for program calculation and classification purpose. The project afiliates itself to but is not restricted to the research in exploring Functional Programming as a rapid prototyping environment for formal software model. Its kernel is fully connectable to external applications and equipped with a component repository and distribution facilities. The paper explains how Camila is being used in the educational practice as a tool to think with providing a kind of cross fertilization between students under standing of diferent parts of the curriculum. Furthermore it helps in developinga number of engineering skills namely the ability to analyze and classify information problems and models and to resort to the combined use of diferent programming frameworks in approaching them.por
dc.subjectEducation and applications of functional programmingpor
dc.subjectFunctional prototypingpor
dc.subjectProgram calculationpor
dc.titleCAMILA: formal software engineering supported by functional programmingpor
degois.publication.titleIII Congreso Argentino de Ciencias de la Computaciónpor
sdum.conferencePublicationIII Congreso Argentino de Ciencias de la Computaciónpor
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