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TitleHeterogeneous electro-Fenton treatment: preparation, characterization and performance in groundwater pesticide removal
Author(s)Iglesias, O.
Fernández de Dios, M. A.
Tavares, M. T.
Sanromán, M. A.
KeywordsPump and treat
Y zeolite
Fe catalyst
Issue date25-Jul-2015
PublisherKorean Society of Industrial Engineering Chemistry
JournalJournal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry
CitationIglesias, O.; Fernández de Dios, M. A.; Tavares, T.; Sanromán, M. A.; , Heterogeneous electro-Fenton treatment: preparation, characterization and performance in groundwater pesticide removal. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 27, 276-282, 2015
Abstract(s)In this work the preparation, characterization and performance of Y-zeolite as catalyst for electro-Fenton treatment of pesticides was carried out. Initially iron supported Y-zeolite (Fe-Y) was prepared and evaluated for the degradation of imidacloprid and chlorpyrifos. Kinetics studies determined that the pesticides removal followed a pseudo-first-order kinetic model. However, the reusability of this catalyst was not appropriated and to enhance its recyclability, Fe-Y catalyst was embedded in alginate (Al-Fe-Y). The new catalyst showed similar degradation efficiency; and the recyclability was improved. This study demonstrated that Al-Fe-Y could be efficiently used to remove commonly pesticides, imidacloprid and chlorpyrifos, of aqueous medium.
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