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TitleA framework for modular and customizable software analysis
Author(s)Martins, Pedro
Carvalho, Nuno
Fernandes, João Paulo
Almeida, José João
Saraiva, João
KeywordsSoftware Analysis
Software Certification
Combinator Languages
Issue date2013
PublisherSpringer-Verlag Berlin
JournalLecture Notes in Computer Science
Abstract(s)This paper presents a framework for the analysis of software artifacts. We revise and propose techniques that aid in the manipulation and combination of target-language specific tools, and in handling and controlling the results of such tools. We also propose to integrate under our framework techniques that are capable of performing language independent analyses. The final result of our work is an analysis environment that is modular and flexible and that allows easy and elegant implementations of complex analysis suites. We finally conduct a proof of concept for our framework by analyzing a well-known, widely used open-source software package.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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