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TitleSoil erosion after forest fires : evaluation of mitigation measures applied to drainage channels in the northwest of Portugal
Author(s)Vieira, António
Gonçalves, António Bento
Lourenço, Luciano
Nunes, Adélia
Castro, Ana Meira
Leite, Flora Ferreira
KeywordsErosion mitigation measures in channels
Evaluation of the effectiveness of measures
NW of Portugal
Post-fire erosion
Issue date2014
Abstract(s)The development and implementation of measures which promote the reduction of the impacts of forest fires on soils is imperative and should be part of any strategy for forest and soil preservation and recovery, especially considering the actual scenario of continuous growth in the number of fires and burnt area. Consequently, with the dendrocaustologic reality that has characterized the Portuguese mainland in recent decades, a research project promoted by the Center for the Study of Geography and Spatial Planning (CEGOT) was implemented with the objective of applying several erosion mitigation measures in a burned area of the Peneda-Geres National Park in NW Portugal. This paper therefore seeks to present the measures applied in the study area within the project Soil Protec, relating to triggered channel processes and the results of preliminary observations concerning the evaluation of the effectiveness of erosion mitigation measures implemented, as well as their cost/benefit ratio.
Other identifiers2171-665X
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AccessOpen access
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