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TitleEvaluation of impact behaviour of composite materials using Taguchi method
Author(s)Ionesi, Savin Dorin
Fangueiro, Raúl
Ciobanu, Luminita
Dumitras, Catalin
Ursache, Mariana
Dulgheriu, Ionut
KeywordsComposite materials
Low level impact
Taguchi method
Issue date2014
PublisherInst Natl Cercetare-Dezvoltare Textile Pielarie-Bucuresti
JournalIndustria Textila Journal
Abstract(s)Impact behaviour is a major target in designing advanced composite materials because composites are often used in applications which imply dynamic loads. Composite materials reinforced with 3D knitted fabrics present a wide range of applications in the technical field. Their main advantages refer to excellent formability, controlled anisotropy and good mass/strength ratio. The paper considers advanced composite materials reinforced with sandwich fabrics with various cell sizes, made of Kevlar, Twaron and linen yarns, and thermoset matrix. Low velocity impact behaviour of composite materials reinforced with 3D weft knitted fabrics is modelled using the Taguchi method based on orthogonal arrays, in order to maximize the composite characteristics significant for this type of impact. The results obtained through Taguchi analysis are validated by experimental data.
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