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TitleThe impact of the digital divide on the perceived interest of an e-Marketplace to support healthcare and social care services
Author(s)Miranda, Isabel
Cunha, Maria Manuela Cruz
Varajão, João
Simões, Ricardo
Social care
Digital divide
Ageing well
Issue date2014
JournalProcedia Technology
Abstract(s)In a Europe increasingly aging, it is now recognized the importance and potential of the service industry for ageing well based on information and communication technologies (ICT), as exemplified by the electronic market of social services and health care, the GuiMarket, proposed by the authors. However, this new range of services requires that individuals have advanced digital skills to fully participate in society. Based on the results of a survey made on a sample of 315 individuals, this paper discusses the importance granted GuiMarket and the intended frequency of use, concluding there is a close relationship between ICT access and use that respondents anticipate making of GuiMarket and alike services.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionHCIST 2014 - International Conference on Health and Social Care Information Systems and Technologies, Procedia Technology
AccessOpen access
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