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TitleDynamic identification and modelling of Clérigos Tower : initial studies
Author(s)Cunha, Álvaro
Ramos, Luís F.
Magalhães, Filipe
Lourenço, Paulo B.
KeywordsDynamic identification
Historical construction
Model updating
Issue date2014
PublisherEuropean Assoc Structural Dynamics
JournalEURODYN-International Conference on Structural Dynamics
Abstract(s)This paper describes the work carried out to assess the dynamic properties of the historical construction of the Clérigos Tower in Porto, Portugal. A brief description of the Church, Infirmary and Tower is presented followed by a quick survey of the construction in terms of geometry and damages. Later it is discussed the dynamic test plan, and the first results from the modal identification tests are presented and discussed. Finally, a preliminary numerical analysis to tune the mechanical properties is presented as a first attempt to evaluate the structural behaviour and safety of this historical construction.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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