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Author(s)Sousa, Helena
Serviço público e instituições mediáticas
Public broadcasting media & institutions
Issue date2005
PublisherUnitec - New Zealand
Abstract(s)(Excerto) Portuguese broadcasting system Public Service Broadcasting(PSB) has: • 2 public channels (Radio e Televisao de Portugal) RTP1 and RTP2 ; • I international global channel RTP Africa • 2 public regional channels RTP-Acores and RTP Madeira • RTP1: national generalist channel. RTP1 is supported by public funding and by its own advertising revenues (advertising limit: 6 minutes per hour). • A Dois: national generalist channel with particular attention to culture, science, innovation, amateur sports, charities, independent production, etc. This channel does not have commercial advertising revenues (it has merely institutional advertising). • RTP Madeira and RTP Açores: two regional channels targeting Madeira and The Azores, respectively. These channels have their own production centres in these two regions. • RTP Internacional and RTP África: two global satellite channels (redistributed by satellite or cable or terrestrial hertzian means) aiming to reach Portuguese communities abroad and the Portuguese speaking countries (Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, S. Tomé and Prince, East-Timor and Portugal). • RTPN’: this is the only one RTP channel distributed only by cable. This is a channel centred on information programming and it has its production centre in Oporto. • In addition to changeable licence fee surplus, RTP has another two other major financing sources: advertising revenues and public subsidies. Considering the enormous RTP debt, Law 30/2003 of 22 August 2005 determined that advertising revenues had to be channelled to pay RTP’s debt and future investments. Advertising revenues cannot be used to pay current RTP expenses. RTP current expenses and other services (e.g. archives, cooperation, etc.) are paid with state subsidies.
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