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TítuloEnd-to-end delay differentiation of IP traffic aggregates using priority queuing models
Autor(es)Sousa, Pedro
Carvalho, Paulo
Freitas, Vasco
Palavras-chavePriority queuing models
End-to-end QoS differentiation
RevistaIeee International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing, Hpsr
CitaçãoIEEE HIGH PERFORMANCE SWITCH AND ROUTING, Kobe, 2002 - "IEEE high performance switch and routing". Piscataway : IEEE Press, 2002. ISBN 4-88552-185-8. p. 178-182.
Resumo(s)This article evaluates the use of Priority Queuing (PQ) Models to achieve delay differentiation in networks operating under the Class of Services paradigm. Three PQ variants are considered: the proportional model, the additive model and a novel hybrid schema based on the upper time limit model. Through appropriate queueing and scheduling, delay differentiation is first considered for a node, and then extended to an end-to-end perspective. For each model, the corresponding delay differentiation bounds are determined and verified resorting to simulation.
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