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TitleIntroduction: the political economy of communications: core, concerns and issues
Author(s)Wasko, Janet
Murdock, Graham
Sousa, Helena
Editor(s)Wasko, Janet
Murdock, Graham
Sousa, Helena
KeywordsApproach to questions - differing from analyses of culture and communications
Capitalism, more global - in North America and Europe, China and other key locations
Critical political economy, distinguished from neoclassical economics
Critical political economy, revolution in european thought - enlightenment
Critical political economy, understanding developments - contemporary media and communications
Emphasis of media economics - on microeconomic issues, consumers in media markets
Logic of capitalism, massive - with marketization as defining force
New media overvaluations - of internet's impact, a time perspective
Strong conceptual critiques of capitalism's claims - perpetuated exploitation and injustice
Universal belief, cultural or "creative" industries - central role in economy
Issue date2011
TypeBook editorial
AccessOpen access
Appears in Collections:CECS - Livros e capítulo de livros / Books and book chapters

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