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TítuloUsing TRIZ methodology with lean production techniques applying SMED method in industrial environment
Autor(es)Silva, João Celso Faria Teixeira da
Orientador(es)Lepsik, Petr
Nunes, Manuel L.
Palavras-chaveContinuous improvement
Lean production
Production system
Resumo(s)Due to recognized benefits of Lean Production in the world, companies of all kinds and sizes are trying to implement the techniques to this production system. However, in their haste to reach short-term benefits of Lean Production, companies deploy sporadic and occasionally their tools without a clear link to global strategies. As a result, the majority fails in its attempt to be a Lean company and back to their old manufacturing systems. Nowadays it can also be applied the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) by proposing a new approach to the Japanese Method of Lean Production. Traditionally, the effectiveness of new process is unpredictable as process relies largely on inspiration and the past experiences of the producing system. By integrating TRIZ problem-solving tools and its knowledge base, it’s proposed a new TRIZ-based approach to address this weakness in the processes. Through the case study, the combination of TRIZ methodology with Lean Production proposed model is verified. This demonstrates the helping relevance of TRIZ to the processes improving it. It is hoped that this case study will raise awareness among researchers so that more studies in this direction are conducted because TRIZ is a new approach methodology so it isn't yet too developed at this time. Using both methodologies (Lean and TRIZ) the goal wasn’t reached. It was supposed the changeover take less then 10 minutes and still more. Although it was a success using them together because the system improve. Using just SMED the system would improve “just” 56% but using SMED and TRIZ techniques the system was improved, using less 87% of the time taken in the beginning. As a result, it was found that Lean is best used when the tools are applied in combination with TRIZ Methodology. Combining these two methods the production become quicker and effective reducing the waste.
DescriçãoDissertação de mestrado integrado em Engineering and Industrial Management
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DPS - Dissertações de Mestrado

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