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TitleThick Dirac-Nambu-Goto branes on black hole backgrounds
Author(s)Czinner, Viktor G.
KeywordsBranes and black holes in higher dimensions
Issue date2014
JournalSpringer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics
Abstract(s)Thickness corrections to static, axisymmetric Dirac-Nambu-Goto branes embedded into spherically symmetric black hole spacetimes with arbitrary number of dimensions are studied. First, by applying a perturbative approximation, it is found that the thick solutions deviate significantly in their analytic properties from the thin ones near the axis of the system, and perturbative approaches around the thin configurations can not provide regular thick solutions above a certain dimension. For the general case, a non-perturbative, numerical approach is applied and regular solutions are obtained for arbitrary brane and bulk dimensions. As a special case, it has been found that 2-dimensional branes are exceptional, as they share their analytic properties with the thin branes rather than the thick solutions of all other dimensions.
TypeConference paper
DescriptionPublicado em "Progress in mathematical relativity, gravitation and cosmology : proceedings of the Spanish Relativity Meeting ERE2012", part II, ISBN 978-3-642-40156-5. Series : Springer proceedings in mathematics & statistics, vol. 60
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