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TitleEffect of phosphorus on the attenuation of lead and chromium
Author(s)Devesa-Rey, R.
Fonseca, B.
Rubinos, D.
Tavares, M. T.
Zeta potential
Issue dateNov-2013
PublisherSpringer Verlag
JournalEnvironmental Earth Sciences
CitationEnvironmental Earth Sciences, 70(6), 2443-2451, 2013
Abstract(s)This study analyses the adsorption of Pb(II) and Cr(III) in soils. These metals are commonly found together in nature in urban wastes or industrial spillages, and the theoretical approach of the work was to evaluate the response of the soil to continuous Cr and Pb spillages to soil in terms of several physicochemical parameters. The influence of an anthropogenic input of phosphorus was evaluated. Continuous flow experiments were run in duplicates in acrylic columns (25 cm × 3.2 cm). The influent Cr(III) and Pb(II) solutions of 10 mg l−1 and 25 mg l−1 at pH 5 were pumped upward through the bottom of the columns to ensure saturation flow conditions. Also, successive experiments were run with the above concentrations of Cr(III) and Pb(II) and NaH2PO4, keeping metal to phosphorus ratio of 1:0, 1:0.1 and 1:1. Modelling parameters included Freundlich and Langmuir equations, together with the Two-site adsorption model using CXTFIT code. Results obtained allowed concluding that Pb(II) adsorption presents a certain degree of irreversibility and the continued spillages over soil increment the fraction which is not easily desorbed. Cr(III) desorption was almost complete, evidencing its high mobility in nature. The presence of an anthropogenic input of phosphorus leads to a marked increase of both Pb(II) and Cr(III) adsorption in soils. Z-potential measurements allow to discard the electrostatic attraction of Cr(III) and Pb(II) with the surface charged soil as the dominant process of metal sorption. Instead, CheaqsPro simulation allows to identify PbH2PO4 +, PbHPO4 (aq) and CrHPO4 + as the dominant species which regulate Cr(III) and Pb(II) transport in soils.
AccessOpen access
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