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TitleChallenges of health games in the social network environment
Author(s)Paredes, Hugo
Pinho, Anabela
Zagalo, Nelson
Digital content
Redes sociais
Issue date2012
PublisherMary Ann Liebert
JournalGames for Health Journal
Abstract(s)Virtual communities and their benefits have been widely exploited to support patients, caregivers, families, and healthcare providers. The complexity of the social organization evolved the concept of virtual community to social networks, exploring the establishment of ties and relations between people. These technological platforms provide a way to keep up with one's connections network, through a set of communication and interaction tools. Games, as social interactive technologies, have great potential, ensuring a supportive community and thereby reducing social isolation. Serious social health games bring forward several research challenges. This article examines the potential benefits of the triad "health-serious games-social networks'' and discusses some research challenges and opportunities of the liaison of serious health games and social networks.
AccessOpen access
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