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TitleSimulation of the nucleation of the precipitate Al3Sc in an aluminum scandium alloy using molecular dynamics and kinetic Monte Carlo method
Author(s)Costa, Sónia
Moura, Alfredo de
Esteves, António
Barbosa, J.
Pinto, A. M. P.
Braga, M. H.
Issue dateMar-2013
PublisherPortuguese Materials Society (spm)
Abstract(s)Low density, high strength to corrosion and specific strength to weight ratio are properties that made aluminum alloys excellent materials for transportation industry. A promising way to develop ultra-high strength aluminum alloys is achieved by the addition of metallic elements with low solubility in aluminum, promoting the Al3X (X = Sc) nanoparticles formation. Moreover, Al alloys have applications in the aeronautic industry due to their enhanced mechanical properties if their specific strength to weight ratio is taken into account their specific strength to weight ratio. Our goal to study Al3Sc precipitates in Al alloys nucleation.
AccessOpen access
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