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TitleAcademics perception towards various water reuse options : University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro - UTAD Campus (Portugal) as a case study
Author(s)Matos, Cristina
Friedler, Eran
Monteiro, Ana
Rodrigues, André
Teixeira, Rita
Bentes, Isabel
Varajão, João
KeywordsWater reuse
Public acceptance
Academic opinion
Issue date2014
PublisherTaylor & Francis
JournalUrban Water Journal
Abstract(s)Any strategy of water reuse has to achieve social acceptance to be successful. This paper presents the results of a multiple choice survey that attempted to establish the general attitude toward water reuse by asking academics in UTAD (Portugal) a wide range of questions. The survey included 20 reuse options, which were clustered into three reuse categories, specifically: low, medium and high contact levels. Correlation analysis between the level of support of low, medium and high contact options and demographic characteristics, personal and environmental beliefs was performed. Results show that a high proportion of the participants supported low and medium contact reuse options. Correlation was found to exist between the income classes and to the level of support of medium and high reuse options and between education level and the support for high contact reuse options. The responses to the survey suggested that some beliefs influence the level of support.
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