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TitlePre-hydrolysis with carbohydrases facilitates the release of protein from brewer’s spent grain
Author(s)Niemi, Piritta
Martins, Duarte
Buchert, Johanna
Faulds, Craig B.
KeywordsBrewer’s spent grain
Enzymatic solubilisation
Carbohydrate removal
Issue date2013
JournalBioresource technology
Abstract(s)Brewer's spent grain (BSG) is the most abundant side-stream from brewing. It is food-grade being rich in dietary fibre and protein and thus having potential as their source for both food and non-food applications. Initial treatment of milled BSG with a carbohydrase cocktail from Humicola insolens significantly enhanced the subsequent solubilisation of protein from the residual biomass. When treated with an alkaline protease, 76% of BSG protein was solubilized, whereas the yields were significantly lower with neutral or acidic proteases. In alkaline conditions significant amount of protein (53%) as predominantly low molecular weight protein was solubilized even without any protease addition. The degree of protein solubilisation was influenced by the time of exposure of modified BSG to the alkaline environment. The non-enzymatic protein solubilisation was, however, only observed when BSG had been initially treated with the carbohydrase, suggesting the protein is surrounded by cell wall polysaccharides restricting its initial release.
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