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TitlePrediction of soil-cement mechanical properties using EC2 approach
Author(s)Tinoco, Joaquim Agostinho Barbosa
Correia, A. Gomes
KeywordsSoft soils
Soil improvement
Cement mixtures
Laboratory formulations
Mechanical properties
Eurocode 2
Issue date2013
PublisherTrans Tech Publications
JournalMaterials, Transportation and Environmental Engineering
Abstract(s)For a better design of Jet Grouting (JG) and Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) technologies, a set of laboratory formulations are usually prepared aiming to give a first idea of the mechanical behavior of the final mixture. However, these formulations can represent an important cost to the project. Therefore, aiming to reduce such cost, in the present work the analytical expressions proposed by Eurocode 2 for strength and stiffness prediction of concrete were adapted to soilcement laboratory formulations for JG and CSM projects. It is shown that these expressions can be successful applied in mechanical properties prediction over time of soft soil stabilized with cement for a wide range of cement content, water cement ratios and soil types.
DescriptionSeries : Advanced materials research, ISSN 1022-6680, vol. 779-780
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