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TitleThe emergence of (post) academic courses in occupational safety and health: the example of Portugal
Author(s)Arezes, P.
Swuste, Paul
Health and safety
Issue date2013
JournalIndustrial and commercial training
Abstract(s)Purpose – This paper aims to present the results of a survey of post-graduate and MSc courses on occupational safety and health and it is restricted to three Portuguese university courses of EQF level 7. Design/methodology/approach – Course coordinators were interviewed, in half structured sessions, addressing four main topics: the course structure, certification, quality system and changes implemented, and finally research activities of the organizer group, and the possible dominance of a particular ‘‘safety science school’’. Findings – The analyzed courses are fed by research, educating students not only in easy to use tools, but also in underlying theories, models and metaphors of relevant disciplines, as can be expected from an academic training. Practical implications – Although the profile of the health and safety professional is defined and is the aim of several initiatives, the study of the health and safety education and its characteristics at the universities is still a scarce topic. By considering this case study of some Portuguese courses, these data will allow the definition of a benchmark of some courses’ characteristics. Originality/value – As consensually accepted, there is a current need for developing a new professional qualification and training framework based on the existing occupational health and safety professional reality and that includes the need to understand the reality and the education approaches used by the already existing courses, as those reported in this case study.
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