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TitleWork, free time and leisure: the compliment to education and culture
Other titlesTrabalho, tempo livre e lazer: o elogio à educação e a cultura
Author(s)Surdi, Aguinaldo César
Cunha, António Camilo
Galvão, Zenaide
Grunennvaldt, José Tarcísio
Free time
Issue date2013
Abstract(s)In this essay we propose a discussion about the directions that define, nowadays, work, free time and leisure. However incoherent it may be and in the opposite direction of what we would like it to be, it is the work that dictates, more and more, the rules that lead us to use our time out of itself. Therefore, free time is not significant, it doesn´t get enough importance and it is placed in lower levels in the process of our existence. So, we want to emphasize its importance, as a fundamental stage in the process of human development. Emphasizing the compliment to education as a possibility to become aware about the individual, and the compliment to culture as a way to provide people the condition to add and to improve themselves and, consequently, the world, through their free actions and criticism (creative and pleasurable).
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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