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TitleYoung children solving partitive division tasks
Author(s)Mamede, Ema
Silva, Amália
KeywordsPartitive division
Kindergarten mathematics
Division of discrete quantities
Issue date2012
PublisherUniversity of Helsinki
Abstract(s)This paper focuses on a study with 4- and 5-years-old children understanding of partitive division when discrete quantities are involved. The study analyses how young children understand the inverse divisorquotient relationship when the dividend is the same. The participants were 30 kindergarten children from Braga, Portugal. Individual interviews were conducted when solving tasks involving the division of 12 and 24 discrete quantities by 2, 3 and 4 recipients. Results showed that 4- and 5-years-old children have some ideas of division, can estimate for the quotient when the divisor varies and the dividend is constant, and can justify their answers. Educational implications of these results are discussed for kindergarten activities.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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