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TitleA note on a one-parameter family of non-symmetric number triangles
Author(s)Falcão, M. I.
Malonek, H. R.
KeywordsClifford Analysis
Generalized Appell polynomials
Number triangle
Central binomial coe cient
Binomial identity
Central binomial coefficient
Issue dateDec-2012
PublisherAGH University of Science and Technology Press
JournalOpuscula Mathematica
Abstract(s)The recently growing interest in special Cliff ord Algebra valued polynomial solutions of generalized Cauchy-Riemann systems in (n + 1)-dimensional Euclidean spaces suggested a detailed study of the arithmetical properties of their coe fficients, due to their combinatoric relevance. This concerns, in particular, a generalized Appell sequence of homogeneous polynomials whose coe cient's set can be treated as a one-parameter family of non-symmetric triangles of fractions. The discussion of its properties, similar to those of the ordinary Pascal triangle (which itself does not belong to the family), is carried out in this paper.
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AccessOpen access
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