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TitleFluorescence and two-photon absorption of push-pull aryl(bi)thiophenes: structure-property relationships
Author(s)Genin, Emile
Hugues, Vincent
Clermont, Guillaume
Herbivo, Cyril
Comel, Alain
Castro, M. Cidália R.
Raposo, M. Manuela M.
Blanchard-Desce, Mireille
Fluorescent probes
Push-pull systems
Dicyanovinyl derivatives
Knoevenagel condensation
Issue date2012
PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
JournalPhotochemical & Photobiological Sciences
Abstract(s)Photophysical and TPA properties of series of push-pull aryl(bi)thiophene chromophores bearing electron-donating (D) and electron-withdrawing (A) end-groups of increasing strength are presented. All compounds show an intense Intramolecular Charge Transfer (ICT) absorption band in the visible region. Increasing the D and/or A strength as well as the length of the conjugated path induces a bathochromic and hyperchromic of the absorption band as reported for analogous push-pull polyenes. Yet, in contrast with corresponding push-pull polyenes, a significant increase in fluorescence is observed. In particular, chromophores built from a phenyl-bithienyl conjugated path and bearing strong D and A end-groups were found to combine very large one and two-photon brightness as well as strong emission in the red/NIR region. These molecules hold promises as biphotonic fluorescent probes for bioimaging.
DescriptionSpecial Issue in honor of Jean-Pierre Sauvage
AccessOpen access
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