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TitleNoise abatement and traffic safety : the trade-off of quieter engines and pavements on vehicle detection
Author(s)Mendonça, Catarina
Freitas, Elisabete F.
Ferreira, J. P.
Raimundo, I.
Santos, Jorge A.
KeywordsSignal detection
Road traffic safety
Dense asphalt
Open asphalt rubber
Cobble stones
Psychoacoustic analysis
Issue dateMar-2013
JournalAccident Analysis & Prevention
Abstract(s)Road traffic sounds are a major source of noise pollution in urban areas. But recent developments such as low noise pavements and hybrid/electric engine vehicles cast an optimistic outlook over such an environmental problem. However, it can be argued that engine, tire, and road noise could be relevant sources of information to avoid road traffic conflicts and accidents. In this paper, we analyze the potential trade-offs of traffic-noise abatement approaches in an experimental study, focusing for the first time on the impact and interaction of relevant factors such as pavement type, vehicle type, listener's age, and background noise, on vehicle detection levels. Results reveal that vehicle and pavement type significantly affect vehicle detection. Age is a significant factor, as both younger and older people exhibit lower detection levels of incoming vehicles. Low noise pavements combined with all-electric and hybrid vehicles might pose a severe threat to the safety of vulnerable road users. All factors interact simultaneously, and vehicle detection is best predicted by the loudness signal-to-noise ratio.
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