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TitleMagnetic Gradient edge magnetoplasmons in non-uniform magnetic field
Author(s)Larkin, Ivan
Balev, O. G.
Issue date22-Jul-2012
CitationAbstract book
Abstract(s)We have theoretically studied two-dimensional electron gas placed in a strong laterally non-uniform magnetic field, which appears due to ferromagnetic film . We have found, that in this case 2DEG experiences static charge redistribution that strongly depends on presence and configuration of the gates on the surface of a heterostructure. Also, it is shown that lateral inhomogeneity of a strong magnetic field allows itself “magnetic gradient” or “magnetic-edge” magnetoplasmons due to complex lateral structure of magnetic field gradient. This mechanism is different from usual “density gradient” edge magnetoplasmons [2]. We have investigated two families of different-chirality modes localized near the edge of the magnetic film. Each chirality’s mode family at small wave vector has one fundamental state with logarithmically large phase velocity.
AccessOpen access
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