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TítuloE-modulus evolution and its relation to solids formation of pastes from commercial cements
Autor(es)Maia, Lino
Azenha, Miguel
Geiker, Mette
Figueiras, Joaquim A.
Elastic moduli
Elastic moduli
Resonant frequency
Resonant frequency
Cement paste
Limestone filler
Cement paste (D)
Elastic moduli (C)
Hydration (A)
Limestone filler (D)
RevistaCement and Concrete Research
Resumo(s)Models for early age E-modulus evolution of cement pastes are available in the literature, but their validation is limited. This paper provides correlated measurements of early age evolution of E-modulus and hydration of pastes from five commercial cements differing in limestone content. A recently developedmethodology allowed continuous monitoring of E-modulus from the time of casting. The methodology is a variant of classic resonant frequencymethods,which are based on determination of the first resonant frequency of a composite beam containing the material. The hydration kinetics — and thus the rate of formation of solids — was determined using chemical shrinkagemeasurements. For the cements studied similar relationships between E-modulus and chemical shrinkage were observed for comparable water-to-binder ratio. For commercial cements it is suggested to model the E-modulus evolution based on the amount of binder reacted, instead of the degree of hydration.
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Arbitragem científicayes
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