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TitleA design model for fibre reinforced concrete beams pre-stressed with steel and FRP bars
Author(s)Barros, Joaquim A. O.
Taheri, Mahsa
Salehian, Hamidreza
Mendes, Pedro J. D.
KeywordsFibre reinforced concrete
Strain hardening
Flexural reinforcement
Pre-stressed steel bars
Pre-stressed FRP bars
Strain softening
Issue date2012
JournalComposite and Structures Journal
Abstract(s)This paper presents a design oriented model to determine the moment-curvature relationship of elements of rectangular cross section failing in bending, made by strain softening or strain hardening fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) and reinforced with perfectly bonded pre-stressed steel and fibre reinforced polymeric (FRP) bars. Since FRP bars are not affected by corrosion, they have the minimum FRC cover thickness that guaranty proper bond conditions, while steel bars are positioned with a thicker FRC cover to increase their protection against corrosion. Using the moment-curvature relationship predicted by the model in an algorithm based on the virtual work method, a numerical strategy is adopted to evaluate the load-deflection response of statically determinate beams. The predictive performance of the proposed formulation is assessed by simulating the response of available experimental results. By using this model, a parametric study is carried out in order to evaluate the influence of the main parameters that characterize the post cracking behaviour of FRC, and the prestress level applied to FRP and steel bars, on the moment-curvature and load-deflection responses of this type of structural elements. Finally the shear resistance of this structural system is predicted
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