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TitleA review of visible-range Fabry–Perot microspectrometers in silicon for the industry
Author(s)Carmo, João Paulo Pereira
Rocha, R. P.
Correia, J. H.
Graaf, G. de
Bartek, Marian
Wolffenbuttel, R. F.
Integrated silicon microsystem
Industrial applications
Issue date12-Apr-2012
JournalOptics & Laser Technology
Abstract(s)This review presents microspectrometers in silicon for the industry for measuring light in the visible range, using the Fabry–Perot interferometric technique. The microspectrometers are devices able to do the analysis of the individual spectral components in a given signal and are extensively used on spectroscopy. The analysis of the interaction between the matter and the radiated energy can found huge applications in the industrial sector. The microspectrometers can be divided on three types, determined by the dispersion element or the used approach and can be found microspectrometers based on prisms, gratings interferometers. Both types of microspectrometers can be used to analyze the spectral content ranging from the ultraviolet (UV, below 390 nm), passing into the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum (VIS, 390–760 nm) up to the infrared (IR, above 760 nm). The microspectrometers in silicon are versatile microinstruments because silicon-compatible techniques can be used to assembly both the optical components with the readout and control electronics, thus resulting high-volume with high-reproducibility and low-cost batch fabrications. A compensation technique for minimizing the scattered light effects on interferometers was implemented and is also a contribution of this paper. Fabry–Perot microspectrometers for the visible range are discussed in depth for use in industrial applications.
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