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TitleContracting agents : legal personality and representation
Author(s)Andrade, Francisco Carneiro Pacheco
Novais, Paulo
Machado, José Manuel
Neves, José
Issue date2007
JournalArtificial IntellIgence and Law
Abstract(s)The combined use of computers and telecommunications and the lat- est evolution in the field of Artificial Intelligence brought along new ways of contracting and of expressing will and declarations. The question is, how far we can go in considering computer intelligence and autonomy, how can we legally deal with a new form of electronic behaviour capable of autonomous action? In the field of contracting, through Intelligent Electronic Agents, there is an impe- rious need of analysing the question of expression of consent, and two main possibilities have been proposed: considering electronic devices as mere ma- chines or tools, or considering electronic devices as legal persons. Another pos- sibility that has been frequently mentioned consists in the application of the rules of agency to electronic transactions. Meanwhile, the question remains: would it possible, under a Civil Law framework, to apply the notions of “legal personhood” and “representation” to electronic agents? It is obvious that exist- ing legal norms are not fit for such an endeavouring challenge. Yet, the virtual world exists and it requires a new but realistic legal approach on software agents, in order to enhance the use of electronic commerce in a global world.
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