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TítuloTragedy in modernity
Autor(es)Martins, Moisés de Lemos
Intimate terror
Democratic ideal
Pragmatic order
EditoraInteract - Revista On-line de Arte, Cultura e Tecnologia
CitaçãoMARTINS, M. L. - Tragedy in modernity. "INTERACT : revista on-line de arte, cultura e tecnologia" [Em linha]. 5 (2002) [Consult. 23 Maio 2005]. Disponível em : http://www.interact.com.pt/interact5/default.htm.
Resumo(s)A barbarian, primitive, bloodthirsty, in short, non-rational unknown currently fouls our air. Its presence leads us to reflect upon the fact that a thing may be true, without being, however, good, beautiful or fair. As a perverse compensation for the "intimate terror" of a city that has bowed down to the ghost of social asepsis, and also as a perverse compensation for the lethal boredom in which that same city agonises, a latent insurrection takes place in it: terrorism, all kinds of tribal wars, archaic beliefs, and fundamentalisms of many sources and loyalties. I believe that civic absenteeism, everyday sedition and terrorist escalade are all part of the same disastrous eroticism, a kind of allergic reaction of an impoverished and uprooted social body, given over to the abyss of total bartering in a flat, immaterial world.
Arbitragem científicano
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