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TitleIngest with RODA: the present and the future of repository ingest
Author(s)Faria, Luís
Digital repository
Digital preservation
Issue date20-Oct-2011
Abstract(s)In mid 2006, the Portuguese National Archives (Directorate-General of the Portuguese Archives) launched a project called RODA (Repository of Authentic Digital Objects) aiming at identifying and bringing together all the necessary technology, human resources and political support to carry out long-term preservation of digital materials being produced by the Portuguese public administration. As part of the original goals of RODA was the development of a digital repository capable of ingesting, managing and providing access to the various types of digital objects produced by national public institutions. The development of such repository should be supported by open-source technologies and, as much as possible, be based on existing standards such as the OAIS, METS, EAD and PREMIS. The end result of the project is a full-fledge repository that supports integration of preservation action tasks and with an architecture allows a continuous adaptation of new functionality and technologies. It defines a data model that suites all meta information requisites of a digital preservation repository and a complex ingest workflow that validates and adapts all information to this curation environment.
TypeOral presentation
DescriptionComunicação apresentada na "Digital Preservation Summit 2011", Hamburg, Germany, 19 a 20 October 2011.
AccessOpen access
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