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TitleA thin-film rechargeable battery for integration in stand-alone microsystems
Author(s)Carmo, João Paulo Pereira
Rocha, R. P.
Silva, A. F.
Gonçalves, L. M.
Correia, J. H.
Solid-state battery
Issue dateSep-2009
JournalProcedia Chemistry
Abstract(s)Thin-film solid-state rechargeable batteries on silicon are ideal power sources for microsystems applications, where a high level of integration is required. This paper presents a lithium solid-state thin-film battery for integration in stand-alone microsystems. The thin-films were deposited by direct current (DC) and radio-frequency (RF) reactive sputtering techniques. The materials of the battery includes SnO2, Li3PO4N and LiCoO2 as anode, electrolyte and cathode, respectively. The SnO2 gives the battery a maximum storage capacity of 781 mAhg-1, the LiCoO2 can maintain a capacity of 140 mAhg-1. The two materials used as anode and cathode with the Li3PO4N as electrolyte can obtain an output voltage in the range 3-4.2 V.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
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