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TitleUnusual properties of the halotolerant yeast Candida nodaensis Killer toxin, CnKT
Author(s)Silva, Sónia Carina
Calado, Sílvia
Lucas, Cândida
Aguiar, Cristina
Halotolerant yeast
Phenotypic properties
Issue date2008
JournalMicrobiological Research
Abstract(s)CnKT, the Killer toxin from the extreme halotolerant yeast Candida nodaensis, presents a strong salt-stimulated phenotype and is a resilient toxin, able to cope with very diverse and aggressive environmental conditions. This zymocin is active in a broad range of pH and temperature and tolerates freezing and conservation for long periods of time. CnKTstability is increased under very high ionic strength and its activity is stimulated by sodium ions, which might interfere in the zymocin structure/stability. All these characteristics make CnKT a promising candidate for several biotechnological applications, e.g. in the high-salt food products preservation from spoilage by other yeasts.
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