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TitleEffect of oxygen pressure on the structural and magnetic properties of thin Zn0.98Mn0.02O films
Author(s)Khodorov, Anatoli Anatolievich
Rolo, Anabela G.
Hlil, E. K.
Campos, J. Ayres de
Karzazi, O.
Levichev, S.
Correia, M. R.
Chahboun, A.
Gomes, M. J. M.
Oxygen pressure
Pulsed laser deposition
X-ray diffraction
Hall effect
Magnetic moment
Issue date2012
PublisherEDP Sciences
JournalThe European Physical Journal Applied Physics
Abstract(s)Thin Zn0.98Mn0.02O films were grown by pulsed laser deposition on glass substrates under oxygen pressure. The structural properties were studied by X-ray diffraction and Raman techniques, while the conductivity was characterized by the Hall effect. The oxygen pressure during the growth seems to govern the structural and the electrical properties of the thin Zn0.98Mn0.02 films. In fact, the micron size grain and the resistivity of the Zn0.98Mn0.02O increase with the partial oxygen pressure. However, no evident effect was observed on the magnetic behavior. Electronic structure calculations were performed and magnetic moment carried by Mn atom was computed as well.
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