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TitleComparison of the VCTS-6500 and the CSV-1000 tests for visual contrast sensitivity testing
Author(s)Franco, Sandra
Silva, Ana Carolina
Carvalho, Ana Sofia
Macedo, Ana Sofia
Lira, Madalena
KeywordsDiagnostic technique
Contrast sensitivity
Issue dateDec-2010
Abstract(s)The aim of this study was to analyze if differences exist between two available contrast sensitivity tests that use similar stimuli, specifically, the CSV-1000 (VectorVision, Greenville, OH) and the VCTS-6500 (Vistech, Dayton, OH). Contrast sensitivity wasmeasured on 105 healthy patientswith ages ranged from19 to 26 yearswith visual acuity of 20/25 or better. The tests were performed in the same room and contrast sensitivity was measured with the VCTS-6500 system and CSV-1000. For both tests, the spatial frequencies of 3, 6, 12 and 18 cycles per degree were recorded. Contrast sensitivity values were generally higher for the Vistech VCTS-6500 test being the difference statistically significant (p < 0.001) for all the spatial frequencies. This differencewasmore significant for 3 cpd spatial frequency and the two tests showed a better agreement for the 6 cpd spatial frequency. Our results showed that there were significant differences between the VCTS-6500 and the CSV-1000 tests. Developments of some general recommendations or regulations in relation to clinical measurement of contrast sensitivity are necessary.
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