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TitleHydrodynamic performance of a three-phase airlift bioreactor with an enlarged degassing zone
Author(s)Vicente, A. A.
Teixeira, J. A.
Issue date1995
PublisherSpringer Verlag
JournalBioprocess and Biosystems Engineering
Abstract(s)The hydrodynamics of biotechnological processes is complex. So far, few studies were made with bioreactors of the airlift type with an enlarged degassing zone. In this work, the influence of solids loading, solids specific gravity and draught tube dimensions on mixing and circulation times and critical air flow rate for an internal loop airlift bioreactor with an enlarged sedimentation/degassing zone is studied. The results indicate that the critical air flow rate as well as the mixing time increase with an increase in solids loading in the bioreactor. Circulation time presents a maximum for a solids load between 5 and 10% (v/v). It is also shown that small variations in solids specific gravity, for values close to that of the liquid, have a significant influence on the critical air flow rate and on the mixing time. An optimal (minimal) value for the circulation time and for the critical air flow rate was obtained for a riser to down comer diameter ratio of 0.46. The minimum mixing time was obtained for a riser to down comer height ratio of 0.80.
AccessOpen access
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