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TitleCapacity of a traditional timber mortise and tenon joint
Author(s)Feio, A.
Lourenço, Paulo B.
Machado, J. S.
Issue date2008
Abstract(s)The safety and quality of traditional timber structures mostly depends on the conditions of their connections. A testing campaign has investigated the behaviour of mortise and tenon timber joint. The present paper addresses the quantification of the strength capacity of wood-wood mortise and tenon joint by physical testing of full-scale specimens. In addition, the performance of different non-destructive techniques (NDT) for assessing global strength is also evaluated. For this three non-destructive methods (ultrasonic testing, Resistograph and Pilodyn) are considered and the possibility of their application is discussed based on the application of simple linear regression models. New (NCW) and old (OCW) chestnut wood, obtained from structural elements belonging to old buildings, is used. Finally, a nonlinear model has been formulated and the predicted behaviour compared with the behaviour observed in the full-scale experiments, in terms of failure mode and the ultimate load. The study has shown very good agreement with the experimental values.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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