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TitleEffect of ultrasound parameters for unilamellar liposome preparation
Author(s)Silva, Raquel
Ferreira, Helena
Little, Collin
Paulo, Artur Cavaco
Reactor optimization
Photon-correlation spectroscopy
Zeta-potential measurements
Issue date2010
JournalUltrasonics Sonochemistry
Abstract(s)In this study, it was investigated the effects of ultrasound, namely power input, distance from ultrasound tip to base of reactor and treatment time, in the formation of liposomes. Results indicate a dependence on cavitation events that are a function of power input, and consequently dependent on the position of the probe within the reaction vessel and the wave behaviour. Short treatment times are required to achieve nanosized vesicles in anti-nodal (k/4; 19 mm) reactor geometries. In this wave point the cavitation phenomenon is more pronounced when compared with the nodal point (k/2; 38 mm). Therefore, the consideration of the above parameters is vital if dependable and repeatable results are to be achieved.
AccessOpen access
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